Features of LiveStreaming

Features of LiveStreaming
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Ad-Free Broadcasting

Fed of getting hindered by Advertisement while viewing online videos or stream? Figure out how to watch ad free or about communicating without advertisement. Livecast.io launched ad-free broadcasting, a simple way to broacast your stream without any ad. Many users are fed up of in-video ads. So we introduced Ad-Free broadcasting with many other great feature to customize broadcasting experience. We have many plans with different packages.

Less Load Time

Livecast.io's embedding load player asynchronously on your website, which means that when your page is loading, the video player and the majority of your video's SEO metadata load more or less simaltanoeusly with the rest of your page, without slowly down your site experience. Dissimilar to videos embedded with an iframe.

Video SEO without any additional setup

Our embed code automatically inject schema via JSON+LD onto your website, which does all the video SEO work for you. We makes sure your videos rank well in Google Search. The benefit of the Video SEO, Google Search shows of our customer's websites, rather than our own platform.

Crystal Clear Live Stream, AnyTime, Anywhere

High Definition video output can be played on any Device (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, etc) at anytime anywhere.

To achieve crystal clear, Live Stream output below encoder settings are recommended.

Input Bitrate Output Bitrate Resolution

3000-6000 kbps 1080p 1920x1080 1500-4000 kbps 720p 1280x720 500-2000 kbps 480p 854x480 400-1000 kbps 360p 640x360
300-700 kbps 240p 426x240

Multiple Bit-rate Streaming

=>Why is it important?

Bitrates are set according to output you need. HD Stream require higher bitrate and greater bandwidth. Some viewers on fast connection can watch an HD Stream in higher quality which requires higher bitrates and bandwidth. For slower connections Live Stream will be buffered frequently. To overcome this issue multiple bitrates are required for seamless experience on all the connections without buffering for example. someone on fast connection can see HD quality stream while someone on slower connection can see lower quality stream without buffering, and someone with a mid-range quality connection see medium quality stream.

White label service with free HTML-5 Player

Live Internet Video Streaming is growing rapidly now a days. With white label video streaming it has turned out to be conceivable to utilize a modern video player and brand it as your own particular on your site.

In the streaming world, white label video streaming means broadcasting without evident logos or link that lead back to supplier's page. However the integration of white label players into video platform, when a specialized background is not required, is truly new in this streaming world. Once supporters get their hands on them, there is no back padaling after that.

Additionally white label platfroms not only simply give perfect and professional video players to support but also provide flexibility. It gives broadcaster a chance to have their own particular logo attached to their video which gives better acknowledgment among their viewers. Platforms that provide white label service can offer a great deal of adaptability to the player so it sits well with your site as per colour and dimensions.

Livecast.io service concentrates on white label as a important. The idea is you own the content uploaded, both from a legal perspective and also from the viewpoint of your viewers. The video player is likewise without Livecast.io logos and rather allows you to upload your own for the player if you choose so.

To make a transparent streaming, Livecast.io player is also customizable. The media player can be themed and changed to coordinate the look and feel of a current site. You need not to pay any additional amount for this great feature. Livecast.io offers white label service without any extra change. Let Livecast.io help you to be winner in this streaming world.

Analytics and Integration with Google Ananlytics

Real Time analytics is a free service on Livecast.io that provides information about number of people watching the stream, data consumption, bandwidth usage with respect to location, time, which helps to analyse the behaviour of audience.


There are times where poential participants for your occasion are just dying to come, but for any unknown reason (cost, distance, serious circumstances, etc.) they can't make the way. Just connect with us and stream HD Live video with any number of people; it's that easy. We offers you simple and clear instructions on how to set up, test, and manage your live stream so everything runs smoothly. We guide you with everything step-by-step to seamlessly broadcast your any event online. The big concert and music festival have been streaming more of their concert to build awareness. With occassions like concerts, sports, shows and even wedding are getting live, it's as great a period as ever to figure out how to live stream an occassion.

You will need:

Account with streaming service

The first thing you need to do for live event to stream is create an account with streaming service platform. Because they provide youth essential specialized servers and bandwidth that you needed to broadcast stream successfully. LIVECAST.IO do same. Livecast.io helps you to manage overseas blockage, taking into account large viewership. We help you to manage the amount of viewers and quality will be more prominent. We give top notch quality delivery internationally and keep servers from being congested with movement.

Moreover if you expect the participant globally but many viewers due to certain circumstances can't attend it then you can create live streaming of your event by charging money. Livecast.io helps you to do so. We help you to create event by charging money to viewers who want to watch it that will increase your revenue.

Equipment that create video

Very important thing for video live streaming is to have the highly professional camera. If your input is PERFECT then only your output will be. So main thing is to have productive camera of high defination. You can prefer

Capture Card

You need to buy an capture card. Connect your video camera with an capture card and then shoot the event. Then plug your capture card with laptop or computer. It helps to properly convert the video int streamable content.


Another important thing is Encoder. If you are streaming from camera then you will need an encoder. Livecast.io is using Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder.

Embedding onto Website

Now its time for real thing. Despite all the things you have to record the event, make sure thatyour viewers can see it. By signing up with LIVECAST.IO, we will provide you the embed code. Copy that code and paste the code onto your website. You can restrict area for viewers and also other website from seeing your content and can customize colour of players. You are now streaming your live event onto your website where countless viewers will take part.

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