How to increase Viewer

How to increase Viewer
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Live Broadcasting lets you create a stronger, more
personal relationship with your audience. Live video ranks even higher now a days. According to Facebook research, people spend large amount of time watching a video when it's live, because of nature of live content: it's exciting, in the moment, and the next best thing to being there.

How to improve your impact?

The best way to improve your impact of live video streaming is to be clear about your mission before you go on air.

First decide what you are broadcasting whether it's a educational video, bussiness video, behind the scene video, a Question and Answer session or something else.

Next, determine what you want to accomplish. Are you looking for new customers, leads, publicity, or page likes? Then figure out where to send, such as bussiness page, or any other social network.

If you have plan in place, you have a greater chance for success.

Live Video Streaming allows you to improve visibilty while lowering the barrier between you and your audience. Live videos make you and your bussiness more reliable, so you can develop relationships with current and future customers.

The more you broadcast live videos, the more you can assess what gets the most views, engagement and response. Do more of what works to create connections with audience.

Here are few ideas on how you could reach to more viewers

The main thing is let your viewers know that you have sceduled a video live streaming in certain time. This will let your followers informed about the live event and they could eventually check back and get prepared during live streaming. By telling people ahead of the time that you are going live, you could build anticipation about your events.

A Strong Description about video you should be able to write a compelling and clearly information caption on your live event before you get started. This will let your fans know what the live event is all about and it will eventually get more viewers to your live videos.

What Factor contribute to video Quality

To grab more viewers, the most important thing about live video streaming is, your video should be in HD quality, and you should make it more interesting so that you can attract more people and get large number of clicks.

For creating amazing video check out following tips

1 Choose right camera

The output of video depend mainly on as per your input. So to get an HD quality output first major thing you need to select is to give perfect INPUT. So camera you use is the most important thing for your HD quality output. Your camera should have good Lens, Auto-time shooting for time lapses, rugged body, yet light, water/shock proof, large memory, movie recording feature.

2 Audio Quality is must

Shooting high quality video, make sure your video camera is with necessary quality that you need and your audio is clear. If you are forced to use the camera's built-in microphone, be keen aware of following two factors: => Environment: For example. A strong wind if you are shooting outside and electromagnetic interference or air conditioner noise if shooting inside. => Position of subjects: You will notice how on-camera mostly picks up the person shooting the video while the subject who is few feet away is quite low during audio playback.

3 Lighting

If you are going to spend money, this is the area where you should focus more. In fact, proper lighting is more important than the type of camera you use. Whenever possible, take advantage of natural light. Make sure the source of light (Usually sun, or if indoors it's the window) is always behind the camera (or slightly to the side).

For those who doesnt want to use natural light, lightening kit are available. Here's what a basic lightning set up looks like:

=> Lights - It is usually two flood lamps and one spotlight.

=> Stands for all the lights(which usually come together in a kit).

=> Reflectors- These can be anything from white cardboard to aluminium fabric reflectors that can be mounted on a stand.

If you are shooting one person on camera, set up key light on left. This highlights face from left to right. Then fill it in on the other side with one of your flood lights and use the third light to light person from behind in order to separate your subject from background.

4 Attention Grabbing Personality

How do you create an event that engages your audience and makes a lasting impression? Attention has become the fundamental currency of modern economy. It can also be a magnet for new bussiness, and help you grow your client roster among all personality comes right first. Most important any video should have a right person with good personality. Person on camera should have friendly disposition that viewers can connect with. A smiling face and a gente tore help viewers to develop a sense of trust and support.


Finally to increase your viewers you have to do a number of things. You need to promote your stream correctly by keeping all features in mind. Video can keep engaging your audience, share information and generate social buzz.

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