The 5 Player

The 5 Player
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Is your live streaming future proof? The web is moving away from Flash, towards a Fully HTML5 web experience and this is a vast life change for online video.

What is Happening with Our beautiful Flash Player?

In the next few weeks Chrome will de-emphasize Flash in favor of HTML5 (Google Chrome 55 will begin to block it). Google Chrome will start blocking Flash Player from loading in browser. Same as chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft's Edge have announce that they will minimize the use of flash Player.

This means that in order to watch live streaming using Flash Player user need to load player very often, It's time to make sure that your live stream don't depends on the Flash Player to play live Stream.

In short

"Throw It In to your dust Bin!"

So What we do now?

Calm down, just take a look at our

The 5 Player

Learn more about Adaptive Streaming solution. click here

How to Deal With If You’re Using RTMP?

if you are using RTMP base streaming then this is a time to switch to

checkout here 

lowest at 0.07$ per GB
No Setup Cost, Free Fully HTML5 Player.

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