Terms and conditions

Please read this TERMS OF SERVICE Carefully – This is an Binding Agreement BETWEEN livecast.io LLP (Provider OF Video Streamig Service) and YOU.

Customer’s right to use the services is conditioned on acceptance of THESE TERMS. By selecting ACCEPT” button You are genuinely bound by and are becoming a part of the of this Terms Of Agreement. If You are accessing the services on behalf of your Employ or another entity, You represent that You are been given the authority to agree these terms on their behalf. But if You do not have such authority, or if You do not agree with these Terms And Condition, You do not accept this Agreement and may not use this Service.

Secured Services

The Services to all terms and conditions of this binding Agreement, livecast.io will access you reasonable efforts to provide the Services. livecast.io may provide you the Services to Customer directly . Use of the Services to Customer may not interfere with unreasonable of the Services by other livecast.io customers. All Plans have an reliable monthly bandwidth limit as well as specified on the pricing page of the livecast.io website ( https://livecast.io). Your account activation will be calculated on your monthly activation plan. Once when you will reach to your monthly bandwidth limit You will get information as follows (a) Upgrade your plan with high bandwidth limit ,or (b) you have to pay for your extra bandwidth (otherwise previously mutually agreed upon).

Privacy policy cover

This Privacy Policy covers Company’s treatment of actually identifiable data (“Personal Information”) that Company assembles when you utilize our Services. This approach does not matter to the acts of organizations that Company does not possess or control, or to people that Company does not utilize or overseas.


Customer agrees to pay livecast.io the fees, in the amounts and at the times specified in the selected Plan.

Credit Card Transaction

So as to set up a record with livecast.io, Client must give livecast.io precise and finish charging data including name, address, phone number, and valid credit card. Client’s card will never be charged without its approval. By submitting such Visa data, Client gives livecast.io consent to charge all expenses brought about through its record to the assigned Visa. livecast.io maintains whatever authority is needed to end this Understanding here to if Client does not give a legitimate credit card to the installment of expenses here under.

Terms and condition for payment

The Administrations are charged ahead of time on a month to month or yearly premise, based on which installment plan is picked by Client. livecast.io won’t give discounts or credits on account of cancelations, minimizations, or when there are unused parts of the Administrations on an open record. For any Service Upgrade, Client’s Mastercard will consequently be charged the new rate for the following charging cycle (i.e., the following month or year), and for those Clients on the yearly installment arrange, the extra expense for the Administrations update for the rest of the present year will likewise naturally be charged to the Client’s Mastercard.


All installments are elite of government, state, neighborhood and outside expenses, taxes, duties, withholdings and similar (including without limitation, sales taxes, use taxes and value added taxes), and Client consents to hold up under and be in charge of the installment of every single such charge, barring charges based upon livecast.io’s net pay. All sums due hereunder should be netted up for any withholding charges forced by any foreign government.

Changes password

Customer should take responsibility for the security of the user names and passwords includes ,without limitations, which are assigned to Managers and Contacts and shall be responsible for all Services use through such user names or passwords. Customer should be agree immediately notify livecast.io of any unauthorized use of Services or any other security known to customer.


Since livecast.io provides a free trial period, no refunds will be given for the unused portion already paid for or committed to when the Paid Service was purchased unless a general network outage or problem prevents you from using your account for a period of at least 120 hours.